Nonferrous Precision Casting Manufacturer in India

Nonferrous Precision Casting


We (Spectra Cast India) are a leading nonferrous precision casting manufacturer in India. We have years of experience in investment casting of nonferrous metals. Nonferrous alloys or metals are the ones that don’t contain iron or iron components in any way. Some of the most common nonferrous alloys include brass, aluminum, titanium, and bronze. We use good quality nonferrous metals and alloys, like aluminum, brass, etc., for investment casting. Our team makes high-quality casts using nonferrous alloys as they can easily melt at lower temperatures. It’s easier to make casts using these metals.

Reasons that make us a topmost nonferrous precision casting manufacturer in India:

High-Quality and Amazing Features

Our nonferrous castings are of the highest quality. They have a variety of applications because of their tremendous characteristics. They have higher conductivity, low density, greater strength-to-density ratio, higher resistance levels, etc. Some common applications of nonferrous alloys include uses in the electronics industry, automotive industry, window frames, fluid connectors, valves, decorative products, etc.

Superb Precision Casting Techniques

We have a team of precision casting experts who are well versed in the nonferrous casting industry and use the latest techniques for nonferrous casting. The casts can be made using the investment casting and sand casting processes. We use cutting-edge machinery and methods to make high-quality casts.

A Variety of nonferrous casts

Castings have many industrial applications. We make a wide range of nonferrous castings for different purposes. As a prime nonferrous precision casting manufacturer in India, we make top-notch copper-based casts, aluminum casts, zinc casts, and much more. Our manufacturing unit has the capacity to produce a high volume of different varieties of nonferrous investment castings.

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