Steel Casting Foundries

Spectra Cast India is one of the most renowned steel casting foundries in India. We have a highly advanced steel casting foundry that contains the latest technology to make casts. We do steel castings in large quantities for various industries. Steel castings are used extensively in the electronics industry. It is also widely used in food processing and the oil and gas industry. Steel casts are a very prominent part of many machines used for construction, transportation, railroads, drilling, etc. We also supply steel castings to several mining industries.

For investment casting, we use high-quality metals. We use certified steel, an alloy of iron (Fe), and carbon (C). We make precise designs as per the requirements of the clients. Our research and manufacturing teams work in collaboration to offer accurate castings to our clients using the most efficient methods. We use cutting-edge methods to make the castings in our high-end steel casting foundry. We use very unique techniques that empower us to build top-notch castings.

Features of our steel castings manufactured in our steel casting foundry:

  • Top-quality: We have a very comprehensive quality checking process for investment castings. Our castings pass several quality tests. We make sure that only flawless steel casts are supplied to our clients.
  • We ensure that the casting has the appropriate hardness.
  • Our steel castings are very strong.
  • Steel castings made in our foundry have high ductility. The castings are also very tough. We use the best heat treatment practices to ensure that the steel castings are tough and durable.
  • Our steel castings are resistant to wear and tear.
  • We use the best possible alloys and metals to ensure that the castings are very reliable.
  • Spectra Cast India is considered one of the most preferred steel casting foundries because we make corrosion-resistant castings.
  • Castings’ ability to expand and the thermal conductivity are also apt.
  • Variety: We make a wide range of castings for different purposes. Clients can also let us know their specific requirements, and we will be more than happy to make customized products.

Apart from supplying top-quality castings, our team of experts can also offer you the guidance and support required to buy the apt products.

Spectra Cast India is one of the leading steel casting foundries in the industry. We have extensive experience in the investment casting industry. We aim to help our clients get the best quality castings at the most competitive rates.